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Picture a Frame (2023) 


"The debut album by Belgian composer and violinist Elisabeth Klinck is as much a result of close listening as it provides an opportunity for it. Recorded and produced together with artist Oscar Claus in near total isolation in the Spanish countryside, it frames and enriches her compositions for solo violin with electronic soundscapes and field recordings. »Picture a Frame« invites its listeners to eavesdrop on an artistic dialogue happening inside an idiosyncratic space outside of conventional time."

Débrouillage (2022)

Common Ground vol.2 is a digital compilation of ambient, experimental music and field recordings, gathering together a roster of artists who’ve put their sonic imprint firmly on 2022, and who add up to a collective ‘who’s who’ of ambient and experimental contemporary music.

The release features exclusive tracks from mysterious ambient producer Abul Mogard, Kenyan rising sound artist Nyokabi Kariuki, New York-based Rafael Anton Irisarri offering a featuring with multi-instrumentalist Benoît Pioulard, Taiwanese musician Sabiwa, Dutch-Italian sound designer Grand River, Warsaw-based music creator Piotr Kurek, Chinese multi-media artist Li Yilei, Slovakian composer Adela Mede, rising Belgian violinist Elisabeth Klinck as well as Safe Ground’s founder LB Marszalek.

All benefits from Common Ground vol.2 will be donated to Help Refugees/Choose Love and Sea-Watch NGOs.

Jozef Schellekens,


This recording documents the dialogue between Klinck and the early brick-modernist home t
hat Jozef Schellekens built for himself and his family in Turnhout.

Elisabeth Klinck is firstly a musician and more precisely a violinist. 
The direct relationship with her instrument is her main reference when performing and composing, but she easily moves between different techniques and practices, genres and media creating her own unique sound world. She talks about playing the violin as a daily ‘work’ and listening to her play you can hear her working. It’s a labor of seeking, thinking and doing.


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