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Pair, Paire (Blickwinkel)

Nils Vermeulen & Elisabeth Klinck 

Pair, Paire improvistation by Nils Vermeulen and Elisabeth Klinck

Ongoing collaboration 

september '23: Artistic Recidency in Werkplaats Walter (Brussels) to work on new material

While knowing each other for a longer period, on Pair, Paire we hear the duo coming together for the very first time. On a Friday somewhere in last years’ October, Klinck & Vermeulen entered the stage without any prior rehearsals or arrangements. Improvisation in its purest form, you could say. Using their primary instruments, respectively violin and double bass, they slowly weaved together their sonic language until it comes at a point where it is almost impossible to disentangle their individuality.
“While listening back to the recordings, at some points it was difficult to distinguish who played which note. It felt that everything came together so organically that it almost appears as if the music was only played with one instrument and its player.” 

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