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improvisation with Bram Stadhouder 02.2023

In Dialogue 

collaboration with architect  & visual artist Shervin Shervin/e Sheikh Rezaei

Soundscape based on the work of Tom Hallet, with Victor Guaita on viola


"I invited both musicians to collaborate and make a musical interpretation of my drawings. Hearing the voices of these fairies was transformative. It is one thing to see them come alive in the spectator’s eyes, but to hear them speak, clearly, as sharp cut sissies wailing their real names, is something else. They found their breath in the snares of Victor’s alt violin, in the soundscape of Elisabeth, so that they could remind you that “they have always been here first”. Tom Hallet

ongoing, past and future musical collaborations

Wayne Phoenix ( UK) 

Sarah Davachi (US)

Ben Bertrand (BE) 

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